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Private Booking

Photographer availability is as described below.

If we are unable to confirm a date and time that suits both yourself and the photographer, you will be given a full refund.

To confirm an exact date and time before booking, or for any other questions, please contact us.


Peter Troy Yumul

I recently returned from a Spiritual retreat of solitude for several years, with Sacred Epiphanies for saving Life and all I would love to do now is save Life and share what I have found which can provide a firm foundation to do anything, do it optimally and have it be done perfectly!

As far as doing anything goes, what Universally serves All Hearts is Thee most important querry to begin any project or even task, and as far as Photography goes, this philosophy gives you what is needed to choose images worth keeping?
We just do not have the time or are minds to waste!

Details of your booking. Please include your preferred dates, times, location if you have one, number of people, and what the booking is for.
Choose your Photographer
Length of Booking & Cost
5% rate discount for each extra hour

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